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I crave more time in Your presence. I want more time to be still and to be filled with Your peace, so this morning I prayed for that exactly. I found myself wandering into the cathedral after work to receive Your word and the Word.

Only say the word, and my soul shall be healed.

I lingered on and let the storm inside my heart and mind calm down. I entrusted my worries, for myself and for those I love, to You. I can’t deal with it all, so here you go Father. I surrender.

You whispered in my heart: “Take the long way home”. So I stumbled and fumbled and fell into beauty; so much beauty. Thank you Lord. I needed those soft and sweet caresses from the evening breeze along the water. I needed that desolate park bench and those slow drifting clouds.

I found my favourite community piano at City Hall and sat down to say a prayer. My earliest and best prayers always were via those black and white keys. Three strangers stopped me. Three strangers were in desperate need of beauty. I know how that feels. I hope they were inspired to take the long way home.





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