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Moment of honesty: I still struggle to set aside a regular time each day to be still. There are different types of prayer, two of them being the Mass and Lectio divina. I’m fortunate that my state of life affords me a lot of free time and I can start my day with the readings of the day and my Blessed Is She devotional followed my daily Mass before I head into the office. When I stick to my plan of life, my mornings are awesome. My afternoons, however, are another story. By noon, I’m losing patience and easily distracted. More often than not I’ll have evening plans so I find myself rushing around after work. I’ve forgotten to plan time to pray in the evening. I use the excuse that my evenings are too unpredictable, I don’t have time to pray. I make time in the morning for very structured prayer, but I’m not doing my end of the bargain, I’m not being vulnerable and letting Him love me in stillness.

That’s the beauty of prayer: even if you only make a bit of time for it, but are consistent, your soul will naturally crave more. God wants to be in communion with us. He is not going to make it impossible for us to pray. Let’s be real, we are choosing not to pray. A prayer that has really transformed my life and ultimately led me to my conversion was quite simple: “Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray”. It takes less than 5 seconds, but if you say it with conviction, every single day, be prepared for God to enter your life like an avalanche; a beautiful, terrifying avalanche. That’s the power of prayer.

Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, or his ear dull, that it cannot hear. – Isaiah 59:1

He is listening. You may not hear Him. You may be in a period of desolation. You might be in desolation for the rest of your life, Mother Teresa lived out the majority of her life in desolation! This doesn’t change the truth that He is listening and waiting to love you. Be still. Let Him change your heart. Be bold and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to pray.


  • Jenn Anne

    As a mom with a 2 year old and a part-time job, I so fondly remember the days when I could actually make peaceful prayer time a part of my life. There were a couple of amazing years where I had a regular quiet time every morning, and often stopped by church for some adoration during lunch, and holy cow … it was an amazing spiritual work out. I miss it so much but I know there was so much good fruit that came out of it. Those two years were like my training for the marathon that is my life right now. I don’t get long stretches of peaceful time, and taking a toddler to Mass is seriously whittling away at my time in Purgatory and not at all providing spiritual refreshment, but I totally know He’s there. And I know that I built my spiritual muscle during those two years, and that I have a better sense of how I hear Him and how He talks to me. So yeah, prayer is awesome and I’m so glad you shared your thoughts.

    Also, I’m super glad I found your blog through BISSisterhood. Yay! You’re now my in reader. 🙂

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