I try to not hoard stuff. Try being the operative word. I’ve often seen some of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus show perfume collections and I’m left astounded at the sheer craziness of owning over 20-30 perfumes. How do you even remember what they all smell like? Now I know a lot of these women are in the beauty industry and are sent products to review/sample, but a big part of it is that these YouTubers are working on a supply/demand basis. We all want to collect treasures. We like to admire (and often compare and envy) the treasures of others. It’s a constant fight for me to not give in to the desire of making material possessions my treasures. I love beautiful things! This in itself isn’t inherently wrong. I don’t want to make you feel bad if you have a large amount of possessions and you are reading this. Everyone’s state in life is different. Sisters, let’s take a look at our possessions and ask ourselves if we really own them or if they have started to possess us. God wants us to enjoy beauty, as it directs our hearts towards Him. Some of my friends have asked me how I can walk into a store and leave empty handed without feeling frustrated or I’m missing out on something. It’s simple: I think of beauty in the frame of when I visit a museum. I go to an art gallery and I admire the beauty and let my soul be lifted, but I understand that trying to own and bring home all of the art pieces wouldn’t make me happy. Imagine the clutter and maintenance! If I am capable of having this approach at the museum, I am most certainly capable of transferring this mindset to all beautiful things. I can choose to collect simply what I truly desire/need/can afford and be grateful for all the beauty that surrounds me, without trying to possess it all. It all comes back to choosing what is utile dulci, usueful and agreeable.



  • Jenn Anne

    Love this. And this can be SUCH a struggle with beauty products because they are marketed in such a way to tell us, “This will make you more beautiful. This will make you feel happier. This will bring you closer to your ideal life.” Etc., etc., etc.

    But really, our beauty as women primarily comes from within (and maybe a good moisturizer). Keeping our lives and possessions simple gives us more peaceful, joyful hearts and THAT is way more beautiful than the latest trendy scent or eye shadow.

    I like your useful and agreeable tagline. Have you read “The Life-Changing Magic of Art of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo? It’s kind of similar as she “preaches” keeping only what brings you joy, and getting rid of all else.

    • pomeline

      I just hate how that marketing gets to me! A while back I saw a print on pinterest by Ann Voskamp that reads: “Please hear me girl, the world has enough women who know how to do their hair. It needs women who know how to do hard and holy things”. BAM. I printed it, framed it, and hung it above my vanity. I have found so much freedom in letting my curls go crazy frizzy wild and get myself to daily Mass first thing in the morning instead of spending a half hour doing my hair. It feels so much more special doing my hair for a date or an important event. I don’t feel like I have to keep up all the time anymore. Every now and then I feel that pressure to have perfect hair, but that quote has really helped me 🙂

      As for the book by Marie Kondo, I listened to half of the audiobook. There are some interesting concepts in it, but some of it was a little too far fetched for me.

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