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I would like to start off this post by saying I did not intend on twinning with one of my favourite bloggers, Emily Schumann, but I totally am! Go over to her blog to see her beautiful cheese plate. Is there such a thing as cheese plate envy? Well I think I have it. I won’t let the green monster stop me from hitting publish though, as I did plan this post.

One of my favourite ways to spend time catching up with a girlfriend is on my porch over good wine and a cheese plate. I had a friend over last Thursday and made this plate. It was super easy peasy. A few strawberries in a pretty bowl, some cantaloupe with prosciutto, crackers, some cucumber and of course, cheese! I try and not go overboard when hosting a girlfriend. I can easily stress out about having the perfect presentation/dish/decor instead of focusing on the person I’m spending time with. I want to be present to my loved ones. A big part of that is not taking myself or my cheese plate too seriously 😉

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