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This weekend I went out to the country to spend time with my parents. They’ve lived in their current home for 25 years. I never knew any other home until I moved out for university. To say I am attached to their house and the community is a vulgar understatement. My roots are here. When I feel lost, I have always been extremely blessed in being able to return home to people who know me and love me and find a place where the workd stops tuening so fast. That yummy ice cream for instance, was served to us desite the general store being closed on Saturday afternoon. My mom and I got a few extra scoops on the house and were allowed to loiter despite the owner closing down the store and riding off on his tractor. Yes, tractor. He only opened up briefly because he was delivering some corn to the store for Sunday’s post Mass brunch crowd. Things are simple and beautiful where I come from. imageAfter a beautiful visit to see a friend and her newborn daughter, I decided to enjoy the last bit of my time out in the country by eating an apple from my apple tree and swaying lazily in the hammock. It’s a good life. My parents planted an apple tree for me in the front yard when I was a little girl and every year my dad makes apple sauce from it.


Finally, I got back to the city, ready for the week of work ahead. I felt inspired and revamped my nightstand by layering an old tray on top and stacking some books and adding candles. I’m not sure if it’s the promise of autumn, but I have a strong urge to redecorate my entire apartment with warm rich hues, nixing my usual white and pastel shades. Here’s to a new week and a soon new season. What were you all up to this weekend?

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