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Here are a few of the things I’ve been doing to tame the heart ache (yes, heart ache, I am VERY melodramatic):

  1. Stay organized

Missing someone can make you feel like your emotional life is complete chaos, but making sure my agenda is up to date, my house is clean, my meals and blog posts are planned for the week has helped me stay sane. Yes, I’m a hormonal mess (when am I not, really?), but at least if I’m going to mope in bed, it’s going to be in clean sheets 😉

  1. Eat clean

Addendum to staying organized, meal planning helps me ensure I’m eating relatively healthy throughout the week. That means I’m not eating my feelings and feeling miserable about it. Eat good food and your spirits will be in a much better place. I like to remember that my body is a temple to the Holy Spirit and would you rather feed God some fast food or a homemade delicious nutritious meal? That being said, I think God is ok with me making chocolate chip cookies every now and then (and even eating some of the batter). He’s all about feasts and inviting us to His table. Moderation is key.

  1. Plan your phone/skype dates

If I’m being asked on a date in person, I like my man to have a plan. Same goes for a phone/skype date. I know I thrive in my relationship when my Beau and I are being intentional. I’m not saying have scripted conversations with no room for spontaneity. Spontaneity actually thrives within structure. It seems like a paradox, but believe me: I’m far more fun and spontaneous when I have an idea of what my date is going to look like. Prior to my Beau leaving, I bought us both a book with 9 chapters for the 9 weeks we’d be apart. That way one of our conversations in the week will be a mini book club (this may sound nerdy to you, but it’s quite romantic for us two nerds who started dating when we were in the same book club). I look forward to reading this book and talking about it with my boyfriend.

  1. Be grateful

Trust that this time apart, though it may be hard, will bring good. You will grow in affection for each other and if the relationship is of God, the distance will only purify intentions and emotions. Be grateful for the extra time on your hands (sure, I’d rather be on dates, but I do have a lot more free time right now). This extra free time can be used to pursue other relationships: with your family, friends, yourself and most importantly, God. I know I’m taking this time to increase my usual prayer time, but also to do something fun like blog more regularly!


I hope these tips can be of use to anyone out there who is also experiencing a long distance relationship. Don’t forget to countdown to your next visit!

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