I struggle to get enough sleep. In the morning I justify extra time in bed with my actual need for more than 6 hours of sleep. At night, I justify putting off bed time with my interminable to-do list or simply numbing my mind with screen time.

I don’t know about you, but this kind of routine is really bleak and depressing to me. It lacks of purpose and beauty. Around the beginning of Lent this past year I started reflecting how my then unestablished morning and evening routines were affecting my spiritual life. I really wanted to start living out my heroic minute (the minute where you fight your flesh and jump out of bed in the morning or drop all and go to bed at night).

I knew sheer good will had not sufficed in the past to live this heroic minute well. I needed a plan. In came the morning and evening routine for me. I thought about what my ideal morning and evening looked like and worked around that. The mere act of writing it down has helped me tremendously in living it out. I fall short of it, but because I’ve established this plan and it’s not just a good intention, I follow through far more often now.

It’s still a daily battle, but I’ve been making lead way. I have so much more resolve and peace facing the upcoming day when I’ve lived out my heroic minute well. There are so many things we cannot control in life and that’s ok. Circumstances sometimes prevent me from living this plan out to a T, but the plan is still there for the next day, much like His grace.

Do you have a morning/evening routine? If you’re a momma, do you have one for your babes, but have forgotten the benefit of having one for yourself? My hope is that by working on this and growing in discipline in my current state of life, I’m loving my future family (God willing). I hope you all have a blessed week and that if you had a frazzled morning, take hope, you still have bed time to fight the heroic minute. I am keeping you in my prayers.


  • Jen @ Faith and Fabric

    I love your hand-drawn graphic in the routine! It is hard to set a routine, and even harder to stick to it until it becomes, well…a routine. We have a pretty set one right now but it’s about to change with my son starting preschool in a few weeks.

    • pomeline

      Thanks Jen! I’ve also found I’ve had to be flexible with my routine because life simply isn’t static. I hope your family routine will settle quickly with your son starting preschool. I’m keeping you in my prayers πŸ™‚

    • pomeline

      Hey Karianna πŸ™‚ Feel free to print my routine if you’d like. I could even make you a personalized one for your family. I love to doodle. You can send me an email.

  • Barb Szyszkiewicz

    I like the graphic you have in the top of this post! My “babies” range from 23 (and out of the house) to 13 but YES, I still struggle with the morning and evening routine, even though I know full well that my days go WAY better when I observe them. School year begins in a couple of weeks and I intend to get my routines tweaked by the time that happens!

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