As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I find it’s often the smallest of things that brings us comfort. My friend Ariane looks so lovely and comfortable in this picture above with her lovely chunky knits. This picture brings me so much joy, I had to ask Ariane’s permission to share it with the world (not that I have any illusions about my reader count on this blog, but maybe one day someone will randomly happen upon this and it will bring them a smidgen of the joy that it did for me).

So many amongst us are chasing after lofty goals (the corner office, a new shiny car, a bigger home…) and think we will find rest and contentment once these are achieved. What if true joy was rather found in soaking up smaller moments, such as a captivating picture taken by a friend? Why are we so quick to dismiss these encounters with beauty? We scroll through our newsfeeds and have thousands of images flash before our eyes all day long, never really stopping long enough to let them speak to our hearts. Perhaps we are going about it all wrong.
I truly believe that by slowing down and enjoying these small encounters with beauty, it is how we build up an arsenal for our dreary days. When I soak up the entire splendor of such small moments, I find great solace in the memories that they create. Thank you for contributing to my collection of lovely memories Ariane.

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