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My friend Christine and I had a girl’s outing last week and it was all about fun fun fun. When I say fun, what I mean is I had a S’mores tart. It doesn’t get more fun than that. Don’t I just live on the wild side 😉

The fun did not stop there. Our foodie journey actually started at Thyme & Again. If you find yourself in Ottawa, you must visit this place. I loved eating here because I actually thought this café had gone out of buisness! Four years ago they were just a block away from my then abode. It was simply two little rooms on the first floor of an old brick house and I LOVED the place. I moved from that neighbourhood and a few months after was met with disapointment when I tried to return and found the location was abandonned. Little did I know they had moved to a bigger location in Hintonburg. More people can now enjoy the yumminess 😀 Although, I must admit the selfish introvert in me is a tad sad that this is no longer a tiny secret gem which back then I didn’t have to “share” with others #youngestchild #donttouchmytoys #orcoffeeshops



I had this really really REALLY yummy panini and that is saying something because I hate sandwiches. Far better than the panini was the quinoa salad. I’m not a quinoa granoloa crunchy mama kind of gal (or who knows, maybe I am), so I was hesitant to order this. Sometimes you have to branch out of your comfort zone. This time was rewarded with a really amazing salad. It had lime juice and cilantro in it and it was fresh to death y’all.


Christine and I continued our girl date with some book browsing. Introverts do as introverts do. We surprised both of ourselves and went into a clothing consignment store. I’ve been on a journey to simplify my wardrobe these last few years and have grown to have an aversion for shopping for clothing. I’M SO HAPPY I WENT INTO THAT SHOP. I had a Cinderella moment and got full on Bambi eyes when I saw these puppies.


I mean COME ON. They are my favourite shade of blush. They’re pointy, but not in a weird way. They’re a little tomboyish. They’re flats. They dress up my super casual tomboy outfits at the office.

I’m a fan 🙂

Christine, thanks again for the lovely afternoon last week. You’re a gem.

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