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#BISsisterhood Link-Up // GOODBYE

This Saturday I am saying goodbye to the man I love. He will be flying out to the other side of the country for work for a little over two months. I always thought I was really good with goodbyes. This was before falling in love with this holy man who has taught me the meaning of vulnerability. To truly open up your heart to someone, to love, requires heartbreak. Our hearts must be broken in order for them to grow.

I’ve been a complete mess these past few weeks leading up to his departure. Crying at work, home, with friends. I even had one of those terribly movie cliché moments where I was laughing with friends, and that laughter turned into tears. I used to think this heartbreak had to be avoided at all costs. I wanted to be strong and not depend on anyone but myself. How foolish I am at times. Sisters, let your heart be broken. Only then can our sweet Father come and teach us humility. These tears have been reminding me of my deep hunger for Love. Real authentic love that does not fade, where distance is not a barrier. I can meet this love every single day in the Eucharist, in prayer. Let this time apart from the man I love teach me to love the Man who first loved me.

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