Photo source: Bazaar, July 2015 issue

I’m sipping on chai, and trying to keep my mind focused on tasks at hand, but my mind is floating on by. I’ve been feeling spiritually dry for a few months now. I don’t hear His voice, but I am filled with hope. I find hope in the small moments where Beauty captures my heart: the wonderful spices of my chai tea, a picture of Mary on my desk, the absolute silence surrounding me. These are the moments that confirm His presence, His love. I know He is everywhere and more importantly, He is with me. Stay close to Him in the sacraments, this I know is the path to joy. Union with the Father. I may not feel the union, but I know it is real. I pray that if you are reading this and struggling to have faith, you will sit quitely, find something beautiful to contemplate and give Him permission to transform your heart.

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