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Virtue Challenge: Week 1

Puts others first, before herself
We always have good intentions at the beginning of a New Year, don’t we? Well, one of my good intentions is to continue to seek to grow in virtue. This is why I’ve embarked on Sarah Swafford’s Emotional Virtue Challenge. You can check out her website and what it’s all about here.

This past week I focused on putting others first, before myself. I’m human. I am flawed. I’m selfish. I like to think I’m a nice person, but the truth is, a lot of the things I do are self-motivated. This past week, I really strove to practice putting others before myself. One of the specific ways I wanted to live out this virtue was by being a good hostess. I’m blessed to not have any roommates. I was hosting a friend for a few days over the holidays and I know that during her visit, I definitely had my shortcomings. Us humans are such creatures of habit and comfort! I am guilty of being a hermit and introvert, but God is so good! He never gives us more than we can handle. My guest was the sweetest guest anyone could ask for. She’s also an introvert, soft spoken and a heart of gold. I pray that I was a good hostess and that she felt welcomed in my home. I sometimes wonder if spiritually it’s wiser to have roommates… Any thoughts?

The second way I tried to put others first was by loving the person more than loving the evangelizing. Let me clarify that. I love my brothers so much, but I’m guilty of feeling responsible for their conversion. I constantly need to check myself at the door and tell myself that that’s the Holy Spirit’s job, not mine. I may or may not have an ego problem. Really Pome, you think YOU could convert someone? Woahhhhhh. You can share the Gospel, you can love others, but conversion, that’s between God and the individual. Not up to me. The devil is sneaky. Real sneaky. He can easily trick us into believing we are acting with good intentions, when in reality we are trying to play God.

Last, but not least, the third specific way I wanted to embrace putting others before myself was by appreciating their likes and dislikes. I wanted to show a true appreciation, not just listen kindly and wait to rebuke with why my likes and dislikes are superior. This one played out so well. I won’t elaborate too much because I don’t want any friends reading this feeling judged. After all, their privacy should be placed before my liking of my blog 😉

Next week I’ll update you on how I face the task of practicing the virtue of courage. Please keep this wimp in your prayers!

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