back to my roots

I’ve gone back to being a brunette. This shade is slightly darker than my natural colour, but my hair stylist promised it would fade into the right colour. I’ve also gone back to being a bit of my hermit self. I’m taking a break from Facebook. After uploading this picture on Facebook and Instagram I got some unpleasant personal messages. Some really creepy messages to be truthful. Words can be scary. I won’t be reactivating my Facebook account until after Easter, if at all. I’m hoping that during this time, I’ll learn to seek God in the moments where I would naturally turn to my phone and check for notifications. If we all turned to God as often as we turned to our phones, maybe there’d be more saints.

On a less sombre note, that novena that I finished on Tuesday and posted about, well I can divulge more details now that I’ve signed the contract. I’ve been enjoying working part time post graduation from university, but the last couple of months I have felt ready to work full time. I came to the realization that I was often complaining in my prayer time about not working full time, but not actually asking God for full time work. I was recently invited to go to Madrid in September for Don Alvaro’s beatification. I’ve been dreaming about Spain for the last few years. Thus, I prayed a novena with Don Alvaro, asking him for his intercession: that I may have full time work and be able to afford to go to Madrid in the fall. On the last day of my novena, as soon as my manager came into work, she proposed a contract for me to work on the days that I hadn’t been working and a raise. Had I not been about to go back to some clients, I would have burst into tears right there. GOD IS SO GOOD. There is nothing better than knowing that God will give you the desires of your heart when your rely entirely on Him and that what you ask of Him is in accordance to His will. Tomorrow is my first day in this new job, please pray for me!


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