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tea for me
When I was 15 and living like a hermit in Germany, I went through a huge mellow music phase (we’re talking Jack Johnson, Belle&Sebastien and all that jazz). One of my friends made me discover Daniel Cirera and I loved him. For some odd reason, when I came back to Canada, I totally forgot about him. I just bought his CD Honestly; I love you *cough* today and wowzers, it’s amazing. Amazingly explicit and inappropriate, but amazing. Go listen to him, NOW. I missed you Daniel ♥ and I swear to never forget you from this day on.
On another note (no, not about to get anymore interesting, haha, poor suckers), I had an amazing zucchini, eggplant, goat cheese strudel for supper while out with my Dad tonight. Hope you’re all extremely jealous 🙂

(ph: i should really save it under the title of the picture eh?)

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