like dylan in the movies

anywhere but here
I really try to avoid things that are “trendy”, but I’ve been craving some feather headpiece for two years now, maybe it’s time I give in… Feathers on your head can be timeless, right? RIGHT?


  • Kaila P.

    haha that always happens to me as well. whenever I love some kind of style or something, right as i get the nerve to go and actually put that feeling into action, IT TURNS INTO A TREND. yuck!! haha! -kaila

  • Savannah Burton

    I don’t think you should care whether it is a trend or not. What i used to do is I would say I didn’t care what other people thought of me so I would never do anything that was a trend whether I liked it or not, but I soon came to realize that by trying to avoid trends even if you like them you are actually caring what other people think about which is stressful because you always have to think about what you “can’t” wear and what not. So now I just wear what ever I want whether it is trendy or not! I WANT THAT FEATHER HEADPIECE 🙂 sorry I post long comments because I talk a lot. -sasvannah booksbananas.blogspot.com ( A Witch’s Style)

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