moments from my weekend

Moments From My Weekend

 Friday night I found myself completely alone for half an hour at St Theresa’s. Just able to sit in His presence, in absolute silence. It was amazing. I know He’s everywhere, but there’s something beautiful about knowing He’s physically present in the tabernacle. That God is right there, in front of you. So often I do the talking in my prayer, it’s really important for me to carve out that time to just sit and BE in His presence. To let Him love me, right there, as I am. To not try and pray/say the right things in order to earn His love, because there’s nothing I could do for that. He already loves me and it’s by sitting in His presence that I grow in that understanding. That is where I find my peace and joy. In a total and selfless, absolutely undeserved love.

Saturday during the day I really indulged in my introvert side. I spent a good twelve hours completely alone and it was wonderful. I got myself a chai latte, my favourite treat. I worked on a speech I’ll be giving in a couple of weeks about modesty. I wrote a letter to one of my best friend’s. I read from God is Love.
Saturday evening I didn’t get out of my comfy sweater, but I did finally leave the house. I went to adoration and it was AWESOME. I can be a bit of a fool and I don’t always guard my heart the way I should. I have a hard time finding balance between being ice cold and wearing my heart out on my sleeves. I spent that time in adoration offering Him my heartbreak, my vulnerability and my naive ways. It’s good to be vulnerable, but our hearts are precious. We should recognize the value we have and know that it’s good to keep some parts of our hearts for God alone. 
Sunday I travelled back to my parent’s home for a few day’s visit. I picked some daffodils in the garden and I can’t wait to see them bloom. They’re my favourite flowers. Daffodils and hydrangeas. This winter has been cold and long and with Easter, I’m ready for some joy and new life. Alleluia!
Yummy snack I put together for mom yesterday as we hung out. Bananas, pineapples, blueberries, graham crackers and greek yogourt. Can’t forget some maple syrup, we ARE French Canadian after all.
Seriously though, my mom’s reproduction of Manet blows my mind away. She is a fantastic artist and in so many different mediums and creative outlets, not just in oil paining.

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