je veux du rose, je veux du rose!

bedroom inspiration
It’s Friday! Alas, I thought it would never come around. I’m loving these soft pink and peach tones. I want my place in the city to reflect the mood in all of these pictures. I was on a rush to get that place done, but ends up I’m spending the summer à la campagne, so that room has been put on the back burner. Oh well! I think I’ll just recruit some friends to help me do the painting and what not in exchange of a few bottles of wine and some pizza. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend, xox.
(ph all over the place)

5 thoughts on “je veux du rose, je veux du rose!

  1. That chair in the 2nd photo – !!!
    It’s so cute! I want it for my room!!
    I also love the 3rd picture clockwise. Looks like such a lovely cosy room.

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