give me wisdom

How light and yet how heavy one’s soul can be at once. So many images flash before my eyes all day long, begging for my attention, but my soul can only find peace when my eyes are fixed on You. I can’t run away from the distractions, they are part of my vocation. Yet I must cultivate sufficient interior life so that I carry You with me wherever I may find myself. I need grace. I need You to help me. I forget about Your unending love and my eyes are so quick to turn away from Your loving gaze. I get caught up in making the right choice, so much so that I reduce you to a tyrant. For if there is a right choice, then there never was a choice all along. You have given me freedom. When I try to forgo the responsibility of choosing and put it in Your hands, I am living passively and as a coward. I wish to live my life in such a way that I continue to get a glimmer of heaven, here on earth: consumed by Your love. I want to bring others joy and such joy can only come from You. Give me wisdom so that I may not be fooled by a counterfeit offer. You are enough. I shall not want. You are sufficient. You are with me, all the days of my life. You hold me in the palm of Your hands. When I’m too caught up in what path I ought to take, let me look to the Saints and how they all lived such different lives. They all brought You glory in unique ways. I do not wish to imitate any other, but You. Guard me from the evil that is comparison, so that I do not grow vain or bitter.



    You are headed in the right direction, seeking out Wisdom. Jesus is our Wisdom, St. Paul says. As you seek out wisdom, I hope you will notice the differences in three orientations.

    One is making judgments. It is oriented to the past. Nowadays it is rationalistic for most moderns. It rises and falls on hypothetical reasoning.

    Another is making choices. Choosing is oriented toward the present. Nowadays it has become very “scientific” and thus statistically based. Unfortunately, it makes some feel that they have license to dusregard common sense in lieu of making life a continuning experiment, usually at someone else’s cist.

    The third is making decisions.Deciding is future is where your becoming a writer is truly at stake. Learning how best to make this decision about your future is critical. That you are aware of God’s part in this process is indicative of a rare spirituality. Praying for God’s guidance will be effective. The question becomes how God will communicate what He wants? This is a great starting point for discussions and correspondence. I hope that you will accept my invitation to do so. God be with you!

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