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March 2019 Goals & Lent

March is here and with it the beginning of Lent. I am looking forward to it. Is that strange? I just find this liturgical season such a beautiful opportunity to examine your life and see how you are bringing glory to God. Hubby and I have decided to go meatless for the 40 days. I have a few spiritual books lined up as well. I’m going to read through The Imitation of Christ and Searching for and Maintaing Peace.

The Lenten season offers us once again an opportunity to reflect upon the very heart of Christian life: charity. This is a favourable time to renew our journey of faith, both as individuals and as a community, with the help of the word of God and the sacraments. This journey is one marked by prayer and sharing, silence and fasting, in anticipation of the joy of Easter.

-Pope Benedict XVI

Some years I have been super type A about Lent and had a pretty detailed plan of what I would do. This year I’m trying to lean into choosing the better part and sitting at His feet. I’m setting myself a few goals for the month, but I won’t beat myself over the head if I don’t get them done. I don’t think Christ will care so much about the artwork up on my walls, but rather if I loved well.

  • Gently get back into my stretching exercise routine (I’m post laparoscopy surgery so some stretches are still a little difficult);
  • Go on a romantic getaway with hubby;
  • Drop off donation bag that has been on our bedroom floor for over a month – eek;
  • Hang up new artwork;
  • Plan (depending on mother nature, create) my Spring capsule wardrobe;
  • Find some vegetarian recipes on Pinterest for Lent;
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s feast day;
  • Host an extended family dinner;
  • Continue praying a daily rosary.

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