the union we seek

Communion: our ultimate purpose. You offer it so willingly. You transform Yourself into this tiny white host, into wine, and beckon me. The Creator present in such an unassuming form… You know my struggle with pride and come to me meek and humble. The concept of God in such a tiny vessel is beyond me; a mystery. This is a love that I struggle to understand and accept.
Can the Creator love His creatures? Of course. My mind knows this. He willed us into being, out of love. Now I must open my heart to this romance. You pursue me: heart, soul, and mind. I so often reject Your advances, satisfied by a pale imitation of Your love, rooted in things of this world. I want to sit at Your table and join You in Your feast. You seek to feed my deepest desires and yearnings. In You, my passions need no taming, they are no longer distorted.

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    Well said.

    The book “Truth in Aquinas” offers up a telling insight about why Jesus selected bread and wine for the presentation of his New Covenant. None of our other senses so unite us with Jesus than our mutual consumption that leads to fully touching union of lovers.

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