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When I first started blogging I had yet to discover that I would feel a need to share a lot of words online. The blog started as a place for me to curate my inspiration; pictures I thought were beautiful.

My blog has taken a very different direction in the last couple of years, and I’m ok with that.

I’ve discovered that my words can be a means to hand my story, hand my life to Christ, and that my words can weigh into someone’s day, sinking them into the reality of God’s love.

Don’t be afraid to use your words. Don’t be afraid to witness the miracles He is performing in your life (no matter how small they may seem). It’s called Good News for a reason.

This post is a bit of an hommage to the origins of my blogging days. I’m sharing a sweet little coffee shop, where the owner isn’t afraid to speak of grace, beauty, and goodness. She also sells flowers. It’s somewhere I find  beauty.

I’ve found myself fearful of writing in this space unless I had something I deemed deep and profound to share. Vanity, thy name is Pomeline. I don’t want to live a life of fear. I want to trust that this crazy platform God has placed into my hands can run wild, and free, in His image. Even if that simply looks like a coffee shop and a cup of tea. God, as extraordinary as He is, is found in the ordinary. He’s in your cup of tea.


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