dancing star


I’m starting up dancing after a long one year break. After 16 years of dancing I really needed a mental break from the dance world. I’m terrified, but can’t wait at the same time. It’s part of my 2011 resolutions. I’m just glad to be going back to a dance studio, what with work and school and LIFE… it’ll be nice to do something for moi. What are your New Year resolutions? I’m going to

1. Go to Church every week
2. Be kind to the ones I love
3. Dance my worries away
4. Polish off Debussy’s Rêverie on the piano.
(I’ve been playing it for a year and am still unsatisfied with the way I play it).
5. Drink more water

(ph ?)


  • Lissa

    N° 5 counts for me to!
    And I think another one is…
    You know, the usual, finally choose the perfect sport for me, but I can’t figure out which one that would be.
    Well I have a whole year to think about that 🙂

    lovely picture by the way

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