moments from my weekend


I’m a sucker for good lighting, and it’s been sparse this winter. I leave for work and it’s dark, and it’s only very recently that I’ve been coming back from work with some sunlight left in the day. The warmth and beauty of the light really took me by surprise on my train ride this weekend. I was trying to make most of the time on the train to unplug a little and do some reading (the magazine in my picture is Bella Grace, which I highly recommend because it is aaaamazing).

I haven’t been noticing the beauty around me as much lately to my chagrin. Yet, it’s in those soft quiet moments of beauty  that I feel my soul lift. This weekend was eventful by the standards of many as I found my wedding dress, but that’s not where I found the most beauty this weekend. It was in those soft, quiet moments; the light streaming in my window on my train journey, my dad leading my family to pray before supper, the priest joking with the parish after Mass and inviting us to join him on a bike ride in the afternoon, my parent’s cat happy purring, strolling arm in arm with my fiancé through a cold quiet courtyard in the middle of the city.

We are free to see beauty around us, or to focus on what is broken and dark. May you choose beauty and bring light into the darkness of your own heart, and of those around you.


    • pomeline

      Thanks Haley! I’m mostly excited by the fact that it has pockets, and I don’t have to suffer through multiple dress shopping outings 😛

  • Carrie

    I think it is marvellous that you found your dress, that you found your dress with your mom and of course that after all that beauty you found time to stroll arm in arm with your fiancé. Hope the rest of your week goes well too.

    • pomeline

      You create so much beauty Erica and have on many occasions lifted my own weary heart out of it’s darkness. I will continue to pray for you. You have a whole sisterhood in the Church, but even more, a sweet Father just waiting to hold you and love you. You are so loved.

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