there I go

Our Lord will care for the souls belonging to Him; and if we beg His Majesty to do so, by His grace we shall be able to aid them greatly. -Saint Teresa of Avila

As my heart grows more attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, a heaviness has been taking me over. I have a false humility and zeal to bring others to Him. I see the sins of others clearly, but fail to examine my own brokenness. I need to remember that I can’t personally save souls. Only God can. He can work through me, and I should let Him, but all of my good works are not my own, but rather His. I feel God inviting me to travel further into my soul than I ever have before through this heaviness.

Sorrow is better than laughter; when the face is sad, the heart grows wise. Ecclesiastes 7:3

Lord, may I come to accept the winter of my soul for what it is: not a proof that I have failed in being God and making the world around me perfect, but rather my own cross to bear. There is beauty in suffering for love of others. Let me grow closer to Christ in this suffering, not rob Him of His majesty. When I see others sin, I must remember they are not my creation turning away from my love, but rather my brothers and sisters reflecting my own shortcomings and failures. There I go, but for the grace of God.


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