• Cristina

    I LOVE that it’s in French and the rosary drawing. I’ve always wanted to try it and have a clean new journal ready to go, but hesitate! Thoughts on how newbies can get in on it?

    • pomeline

      I recommend you start by checking http://www.bulletjournal.com to get started. It really doesn’t have to be flowery or extra pretty. The basic system/set up is quite simple 🙂 If you want to be more creative with your bullet journal, take a look at http://www.bohoberry.com, she’s the queen of bullet journaling!

      I love my bullet journal. It really helps my crazy type A personality feel a little more organized and collected, plus there is something just SO satisfying about checking off completed items.

      My biggest recommendation is that you commit to a time where you will spend 3-5 minutes each day setting up your daily tasks. It can either be in the evening for the following day, or first thing in the morning. Whenever it may be, try and be consistent so that you really benefit from the journal 🙂

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