For I, Yahweh, your God, I grasp you by your right hand; I tell you, ‘Do not be afraid, I shall help you.” Isaiah 41:13

I am in desperate need of peace. The First Reading from today’s Mass are the words my soul is aching for. I ache for that promise of love. A covenant between myself and someone bigger, someone in charge: God.

There is a reoccurring pattern of fear being synonymous with a lack of peace in my life; a lack of silence. I need to actively seek out silence if I want to make room for peace. Where in my day can I make room for more silence? For me, that’s often during my lunch hour. Today I used it to go to Mass. At times, I go to the library (picture above, along with my lovely friend Chanelle).

Fight for that silence, fight for that peace. It will come, I promise, but only if you desire it and seek it. God’s love and peace will not be forced upon you.

My day was filled with annoyances, some small, some big, but grace carried me through it. In moments where I just thought I couldn’t muster that smile, I couldn’t keep working, I couldn’t slow my anxious breath, He grasped me by the hand.

It all comes back to making that room for silence. When we create healthy habits, we’re far more likely to give ourselves the chance to grow in virtue. My habits to foster silence have included starting each and every day with a devotional and some scripture (the daily readings) as making sure there is at least one day a week where I go to meditate/pray the Mass before, during lunch, or after work.

Take a moment and pick some small way where you can cultivate silence in your day. Something small. This is key; If you pick many habits, or unattainable habits, they will never become habits. You will beat yourself up as soon as you skip a day and are far less likely to keep fighting to cultivate that silence.

Christmas season is almost upon us. Advent is a time for us to quieten our hearts, an invitation to be especially mindful of silence in our lives. Between the Old Testament and the birth of Jesus Christ, there was roughly 400 years of silence from God. The season of Advent reflects this silence and is a call to prepare ourselves to receive the joy and the peace we all desperately want.



    • pomeline

      Oh Leslie, my heart goes out to you! You may not have a lot of silence in your life, but you are living your vocation and that is sanctifying in itself. I’ll keep you in my prayers and ask God to offer you a moment of silence every day for you to rest in Him.

  • Lisette

    Great blog post. I, too, am trying to pray the Mass every day. Aside from keeping up this spiritual habit, the challenge I have is that I sometimes see reading scripture as something to check off my to do list- I whizz through it in 5 mins and I am on to the next thing. I find it hard to silence my mind from the everyday humdrum, and actually RESTING in His word. That is what I am focussing on this Advent!

    • pomeline

      I read through the Mass first thing in the morning and if I’ve hit snooze one too many times, it can be really tempting to whizz through them, but I too want to REST in His word. Here’s to trying again every morning!

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