613 Ottawa City,  moments from my weekend


My life’s been a whirlwind of insanity, but in the midst of it I’ve had a lot of peace. I know I’m only staying above the surface of the tide thanks to the time I’ve been fighting to keep for silence, for meditation. This weekend I found some of that peace exploring the Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau Park. The pictures don’t do it justice.

Some seasons are heavy in responsibility, but it always helps to remember that we have a choice to make it that: a season. If your life feels too crazy, you can keep the crazy up and drown or you can have a mini anxiety attack to realize you need to slow down look ahead in your planner to a time that isn’t entirely booked up yet and not take any further commitments until you’ve reached that season of simplicity.

For me, that season will be Advent and Christmas. I am fighting a ferocious tendency to people please and saying no to any extra things during Advent. The Church has had these seasons all figured out for hundreds of years. We’d be foolish not to lean on Her wisdom. I really want to wrap up my Ordinary Time and have a clear transition reflect in my life.

I often speak to friends from my soap box about our need to cultivate silence and interior life to have peace. I’m going to stop my preaching and put it into practice. Advent will be a season of silence as I wait for the festivities of Christmas.

Has your life been crazy lately? Are there any ways you are intentionally guarding space to be quiet this upcoming Advent?



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