613 Ottawa City,  moments from my weekend


The weather has been a bit gloomy here in Ottawa as we approach winter (gasp!), but my heart is anything but. This past weekend filled my heart’s love tank to the brim. Friday after work I went to what might be my favourite pub (because it’s always near empty and has a great fireplace, I just wish there were no TVs) and had coffee and tea, also known as kaffe und kutchen, with my Beau. We then shared a meal of sweet potato fries, pakoras, samosas and stuffed naans at my place before heading out to an evening of adoration accompanied by some worship songs.

I really really didn’t feel like going to the sacrament of reconciliation, but I had some people keeping me accountable. Community is good that way. We need people pushing us to grow in holiness. It’s too hard on our own.

After that squeaky clean soul, Saturday morning I was in full recipient of grace mode. I attended a day long retreat with Fr. Tim Gallagher. Oh my gooooodness, the man knows how to speak truth, but with such kindness! The retreat focused on discernment. I really needed the reminder that God is NOT a jerk. When you have two morally sound options before you, God will not play mean girl when you make your choice. I have serious FOMO and need to be brave and trust God when I’m making choices. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, right? I mean, there were over 50 people at the retreat, I can’t be alone 😉

Sunday was just as beautiful of a day. Mass and brunch with lovely friends is always a winning combo to end a weekend. Not to mention I made this amazing Italian Meatball Minestrone Soup for supper, which I plan to enjoy again this evening (can anyone say LEFTOVERS I ACTUALLY ENJOY?! I CAN 😀).

The week is unfolding and my blogging schedule has not been the best, but I really want to be here consistently on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I hope to see you Thursday with a cup of tea and some more rambling. Until then, stay warm if your weather is looking anything like mine in Ottawa!



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