ottawa fashion week

So tonight I attended my very first fashion show. I have come to realize that I MUCH prefer swooning over pretty clothes in stores and blogs than to attend a fashion show. Now, I’m not criticizing them, it’s just that I found out that I am far too ADHD to enjoy one properly. Perhaps it was the fault of my slightly still intoxicated self from St Patricks, but I could not help but bounce around in my chair to the music. I wasn’t serious enough to properly fit in or enjoy the environment. Guess I’m just too much of a dork… None the less, I had a wonderful night! I went with my jamming buddy and thankfully, she’s just as much of a socially awkward dork as I am. There was “social time” in between the shows. My friend and I ran out to breathe some air and try out the new cupcakes at Glitz cupcakes and came back for the other shows. Afterward I made supper (a very late supper!) consisting of Dijon sirop d’érable salmon. It was phenomenal. I think this is the most I’ve ever typed up in a blog post, I’m blaming it on the Gin Bombay. Night lovelies!

PS. I glimpsed Justyna for .5 seconds as I was escaping to cupcakes and just wanted to say, her dress was beautiful, I hope she posts pictures of it so I can swoon some more over it’s beauty.

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