moments from my weekend


3 fois par jour magazine on my bed as I meal plan for the upcoming week. I just love Marilou and am so proud of being Canadian and having great entrepreneurs like her. Her and her husband just put out their first cooking magazine without any ads!

It’s so exhausting being sollicited left and right non stop. It’s a difficult choice, and not viable for all, but oh so nice when artists can put out their products without ads.

I grabbed some fresh mint in my parents garden on Saturday to dry it and have tea. I also had my super sweet dad pick me a box full of apples from my tree so I can do some Fall baking when I get back to the city. Saturday morning was really rough on me so it was nice to have my parents drive up to the city to bring me out to the country for the rest of the weekend.

I was suffering from a case of raging hormones and weeping fairly hysterically after Mass Saturday morning and when I got home.

I really miss Josiah and work was crazy busy this week. I was in survival mode all week and hadn’t processed any of my stress/anxiety/sadness and it all poured out after Communion. Man did it feel good. I hadn’t cried like that in a long time, but I could feel God’s tears joining mine and knew He was with me in my sorrow. Also knowing it is nothing compared to His, and that I am fortunate to love someone so much it hurts helps me have a grateful heart.

The afternoon was far less hysterical. It’s pretty hard being stressed when you’re in a hammoc with a cute kitten purring at your feet, smelling fresh country air, looking up at great big blue sky, and admiring the beautiful trees and flowers around me.

As I write this Sunday morning, I just got back from Mass and gobbled some delicious blueberry pancakes. Life is good, it’s hard, but so good. I’m feeling incredibly peaceful and grateful in this moment. I hope you’re all having a sweet weekend with loved ones.


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