I’ve stolen this list from Megan who in turn has stolen if from Jordyn. This is what I’ve been up to currently in September:

Reading || The Cloud of Unknowing – Author unknown

Playing || Not as much as I’d like, but a bit of PC Nancy Drew (nerd alert!)

Watching || Salt&Light Media, catching glimpses of Papa Francesco while he’s visiting my neighbours down below. COME TO CANADA PAPA!

Trying || To not overbook myself

Cooking || Two of my favourite recipes this month have been this super easy peasy apple cake and dinner wise, I’ve made a honey dijon oven roasted pork tenderloin with a side of mashed chickpeas and cauliflowers and it’s been y-u-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-y!

Eating || dark chocolate around 2 p.m. when I start feeling a little tired at work

Drinking || not enough water, but a coconut chai latte every Monday

Calling || my boyfriend everyday because LDR, man, it’s hard. Also calling my mama and papa because the youngest child is always the best child 😉

Texting || my gal pals because they are lovely and wonderful

Pinning || a lot of Fall related things. Bring on the sweater weather!

Going || Vancouver at the beginning of the month. So blessed to have been able to break up the amount of time seperated from my boyfriend in two during this election campaign. I can’t wait for him to be done his work out West and fly back to Ottawa <3

Loving || the crisp fresh air of the Fall

Hating || angry troll like behaviour on the internet. If y’all ain’t happy, eat a cookie!

Discovering || a slew of new and amazing bloggers. It’s inspiring being exposed to so much fresh content.

Thinking || I need to brush up on my Ancient Greek and Latin. I always feel that way at the beginning of a new school year, but it’s been a long time since I’ve cracked my textbooks open, now that I no longer have the threat of a teacher making me translate on the spot in class.

Feeling || rather blue, but trying to keep in mind omnia in bonum

Hoping (for) || the next few weeks to zoom by. Election mode always makes me anxious, and ain’t nobody got time for anxiety when you’ve got an almighty God!

Listening (to) || a lot of happy indie pop, this playlist in particular

Celebrating || my friend Ola’s engagement! Please keep her and her fiancé in your prayers. They are getting married in November 🙂

Smelling || Bath & Bodyworks’ Autumn as I burn it non stop in the house

Ordering || this off the shoulder sweater, and I cannot wait to rock it with beautiful delicate midi and maxi skirts. I hope it’s as nice in person. I rarely ever order online, but I have had a pinned image of a similar sweater for years now that’s been making me day dream. I had to jump the gun when I saw it!

Thanking || God not enough. I really want to cultivate a heart of gratitude. Any advice?

Considering || going back to school part time. Maybe I should make a discernment chart for this one

Starting || books and not finishing them

Finishing || this blog post, finally.


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