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I can be overcome by scrupules at times. I’ve often justified neglected my blog on account of a strong belief that I had to place my blog above my duties. I would, and still do, feel guilty for choosing to spend time writing over time working, whether at the office or on my to do list. Our duties should not be neglected, but there comes a point where one has to ask themself if said duties are not self imposed.

I believe if I’m not developing the talents God has given me, I am of no service to people around me. There is a hidden pride that disguises itself as virtue that would have us believe we must always give and never take. Virtue unbalanced is vice. God needs us to take His love and trust that He places desires on our heart for us to pursue them, fearlessly.

I best manage the guilt of taking time to write, by being intentional in planning my blogging. The more efficient I am, the less likely I am to feel guilty about wasting time. I’m not saying I have this balance thing down pat, so any suggestions you have, please, help a sister out!

Up top I have the letter P for photograph, W for write, S for schedule and PR for proof read. Sunday afternoons I sit down with my blogging notebook, make this to do chart, and schedule time in my agenda to do some bulk shooting or writing. I used to think all the planning would kill my creativity, but years of unplanned blogging have been far less fruitful than this method, so I’m sticking to it as long as He places that desire to write and create on my heart.

Do you have any tips for blogging consistently while maintaining a full time job?


  • Haley

    Hey hey hey Pomeline!
    I have an idea I want to run past you but don’t really want to explain everything in a comment because it’s a very in-the-works (aka. all in my head, haha) idea. What would be the best way to contact you? 🙂
    Haley x

  • Melody

    Oh this is a great idea! Cause I am juggling a blog, a full time job AND school and I do not know how to do it! Planning is a good idea. I need to start planning my entire life I think, haha.

    • pomeline

      I keep a Google Agenda up to date, with different calendars (work, blog, spiritual plan of life, etc.). You can synch it up to a smart phone, which I have. I track everything that way, but I can also view only one, or multiple calendars at once. When it comes to daily tasks, I use a bullet journal. Have you heard of those? They are awesome for creative types because you are the author of the design and they are quite cheap. You just need a gridded journal. I may have to a post of how I organize mine 🙂

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