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#BISsisterhood Link-Up // DAILY

I am constantly bombarded and saturated with new information, often in the form of articles that appear on my news feed. As all information, some of it is good, uplifting and educating, some of it is heavy and hard to bear, but some are downright untruthful (i.e. heresy).

It’s really tempting for me to use this platform to be holier than though. I even considered taking an article I saw posted this morning and tearing it apart, but a four letter word is inscribed on my heart: love. Above all, daily, I choose to love. I also fail on a daily basis. I cannot love perfectly on my own, I must rely on the Creator of this love. Love Himself.

The world of mass media also has need of Christ’s redemption.

St John Paul II, The Rapid Development 2.4

In this age of mass media, are we choosing to separate ourselves from our faith when we are online? Is my identity rooted in Christ only around my Christian friends when I don’t feel challenged, or am I choosing to live authentically, speaking of the cross to all, in my words and deeds, online and in person? I want to choose love daily. I want to share this love daily.

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