tell me where it all went wrong

To say that in the past month I’ve gone through emotional upheaval is but a slight understatement. A victory that took 5 weeks of total devotion (I’m talking 14-16 hour work days from a team of 7 + volunteers) was taken away. A victory of a 110 votes turned into a loss by 9 votes… I gave myself some time to brood and have now accepted it. Fortunately, a former employer has offered me a contract for the summer, which allows me time to figure out where I’m heading this fall. I do have to say it’s a huge adjustment going from the federal to the provincial platform.

I’ve gotten my mind off by training like I once used to. Funny thing how I never got the freshman 15, but actually lost weight (muscle weighs more than fat!). Although, I’m a huge advocate of avoiding scales and going by how your clothes fit and how you feel. I just started running after two years of being lazy (unless you count the occasional golf game or going out dancing) and was quite pleased to reach the milestones I wanted to reach.

I’m still waking up around 5 am, but now it’s because I’m rested, not because my job requires me to wear myself out. I chose to trust the path God is leading me down. I feel far more healthy than I have in a longggg time. By healthy, I also mean far less stressed. I’m handing in my former work BlackBerry tomorrow and feel like having some bubbly to celebrate. No one should ever be on call 24/7. I have so much admiration for politicians who last more than 1 election campaign. They suck everything out of you (unless of course, you’re vacationing in Vegas*…)

*For non-Canadian readers
(ph j’adore wildfox)

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