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I would like to start off this post by saying I did not intend on twinning with one of my favourite bloggers, Emily Schumann, but I totally am! Go over to her blog to see her beautiful cheese plate. Is there such a thing as cheese plate envy? Well I think I have it. I won’t let the green monster stop me from hitting publish though, as I did plan this post.

One of my favourite ways to spend time catching up with a girlfriend is on my porch over good wine and a cheese plate. I had a friend over last Thursday and made this plate. It was super easy peasy. A few strawberries in a pretty bowl, some cantaloupe with prosciutto, crackers, some cucumber and of course, cheese! I try and not go overboard when hosting a girlfriend. I can easily stress out about having the perfect presentation/dish/decor instead of focusing on the person I’m spending time with. I want to be present to my loved ones. A big part of that is not taking myself or my cheese plate too seriously 😉


My friend Christine and I had a girl’s outing last week and it was all about fun fun fun. When I say fun, what I mean is I had a S’mores tart. It doesn’t get more fun than that. Don’t I just live on the wild side 😉

The fun did not stop there. Our foodie journey actually started at Thyme & Again. If you find yourself in Ottawa, you must visit this place. I loved eating here because I actually thought this café had gone out of buisness! Four years ago they were just a block away from my then abode. It was simply two little rooms on the first floor of an old brick house and I LOVED the place. I moved from that neighbourhood and a few months after was met with disapointment when I tried to return and found the location was abandonned. Little did I know they had moved to a bigger location in Hintonburg. More people can now enjoy the yumminess 😀 Although, I must admit the selfish introvert in me is a tad sad that this is no longer a tiny secret gem which back then I didn’t have to “share” with others #youngestchild #donttouchmytoys #orcoffeeshops



I had this really really REALLY yummy panini and that is saying something because I hate sandwiches. Far better than the panini was the quinoa salad. I’m not a quinoa granoloa crunchy mama kind of gal (or who knows, maybe I am), so I was hesitant to order this. Sometimes you have to branch out of your comfort zone. This time was rewarded with a really amazing salad. It had lime juice and cilantro in it and it was fresh to death y’all.


Christine and I continued our girl date with some book browsing. Introverts do as introverts do. We surprised both of ourselves and went into a clothing consignment store. I’ve been on a journey to simplify my wardrobe these last few years and have grown to have an aversion for shopping for clothing. I’M SO HAPPY I WENT INTO THAT SHOP. I had a Cinderella moment and got full on Bambi eyes when I saw these puppies.


I mean COME ON. They are my favourite shade of blush. They’re pointy, but not in a weird way. They’re a little tomboyish. They’re flats. They dress up my super casual tomboy outfits at the office.

I’m a fan 🙂

Christine, thanks again for the lovely afternoon last week. You’re a gem.

Starbucks and Scruples

I struggle with scruples. So much so that I often complain to my spiritual director that it would be easier for me to be a hermit and just go live in a cave. It’s one of my great weaknesses and something I constantly fight, but this past week was ridiculous. Looking back I can laugh at how ridiculous I was being, but in the moment, I really was heartbroken and convinced I was guilty of mortal sin… because of my Starbucks habit. 
Yup, you heard that right. You can laugh. Here’s the story: I found out this week that Starbucks will often match donations that their employees make. Which lead my scrupulous nature to ponder on the consequence of an employee deciding to make a donation to an organization such as Planned Parenthood. Which then lead me to believe I was responsible for paying for an abortion. Whoa brain, whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I’m glad I’m aware of my scrupulous tendencies and before heading over to the confessional, wrote to my spiritual director.
Here was his answer: “If the company was making direct donations to abortions you might consider not buying their products. But even in this case, I do not think it would be absolutely morally obligatory. The way things are in our world, you would almost have to live in a cave to not have some indirect cooperation with evil.”
Cheeky spiritual director. God bless him. Looking back and praying on this, I know that these scruples come from a burning desire that lives in me. A desire for something more. A state of bliss, where corruption and evil are no more and I no longer have to consider if my desires are distorted, but rather have them fulfilled…essentially, I long for heaven. I may struggle with scruples, but my hope in heaven is stronger. I know this desire in me was placed there by God and He longs to fulfill it and have me correspond to His grace. I don’t want my scruples to lead me to spiritually starve myself from His love. A love that I’m already experiencing so strongly here on earth, I can’t even imagine what it will be like when I rest in His presence. That being said, this afternoon I will go and get myself a chai latte at Starbucks 😉