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    I’m asking those three wise men to pray for me. This star of Bethlehem, this Christ child, I want to find Him, but there are clouds in the sky of my life. The snow is heavy and cold, and I’ve been weary. I go through the day as though I’m sleep walking. Stir up in me an epiphany, oh Lord. Stir up an epiphany in the whole world. May we all be stirred and awakened to Your presence. I want to be in awe of the swaddled babe who has come to save me from death and bring me eternal life.

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    March 2019 Goals & Lent

    March is here and with it the beginning of Lent. I am looking forward to it. Is that strange? I just find this liturgical season such a beautiful opportunity to examine your life and see how you are bringing glory to God. Hubby and I have decided to go meatless for the 40 days. I have a few spiritual books lined up as well. I’m going to read through The Imitation of Christ and Searching for and Maintaing Peace. The Lenten season offers us once again an opportunity to reflect upon the very heart of Christian life: charity. This is a favourable time to renew our journey of faith, both…

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    It’s infertility awareness week. It’s something I don’t talk about much, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed. I wrote about my struggles with subfertility last year, and the response I got was overwhelming. There are so many hearts that are breaking over this heavy cross – mine included. A cloud of darkness has overshadowed me since I was diagnosed with PCOS and my faith has been struggling. Yet I can’t help but see that in the midst of all of this pain, all of this suffering, there is good that has emerged from it. There’s no denying that my faith is being stretched and I am being called…

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    I went to Montreal this weekend to find some beauty and peace; to rest. I found myself acknowledging that I am struggling in my faith. My intellect is convicted of God’s existence and the truth of the Church, but my heart resists God’s kingship. How do I bring my heart where my head is? I can’t seem to reconcile reason and faith. I’ve read the apologetics, I don’t need another written explanation of God’s infinite love. I need to encounter it. God’s love is an encounter – a relationship. As in every relationship, we need to invest time, and be vulnerable with the other, in order for it to grow…

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    Here comes the dreamer! -Genesis 37:19 Ah, the story of Joseph. In reading it this morning, I am struck by the reality that I am Joseph<s evil brothers in my own life. I laugh and brush off my dreams. Has God placed something upon your heart, but you are too scared to dream about it, and hope in it? I want to be a woman of faith. I don’t want to hide my dream from my Father. Let us be like Joseph, and turn to our Father, sharing our dream with Him. If our dream is of His will, He will have it grow and bear fruit. It may not…