PLAN WITH ME | September 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

This month is filled with doodles of leaves and Fall inspired pictures gathered from Pinterest. I love that the air here in Ottawa has gotten crisp and that I can wear cozy sweaters and drink heaps of tea to keep my hands warm. I went and bought my favourite candle, Autumn, at Bath and Body Works on August 31st. Since then it’s been burning and making me want to cozy up my entire apartment with candles and heaps of throws. How do you transition your home into Fall?

I wanted to set up a weekly layout instead of just doing some rapid bullet entries this month. When I’m feeling anxious I like to see my week at a glance. Coming up with new layouts also brings me so much joy. I recently saw Transforming Beauty‘s post on Instagram which reads: “May your life be well ordered so your art can be wild”. I’ve been trying to live that and I see so much truth in it. It’s what motivated this blog in the first place. I was living an ordered life when I began writing consistently, and was so creative during that season. I want to get back to that place.

If you’re unfamiliar with the bullet journal concept, it’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. You can find out more here. I’ve been using it on and off for the past three years, and I just love it’s flexibility and ability to store all the swirling thoughts in my mind. Please keep me in your prayers this week, that it might be well ordered, and that my art be wild.


This weekend I felt as though bricks were being hurled at me. Many little melt downs occurred, and I was scared looking to the future, but you know what? I was thinking an awful lot about myself and what I was feeling. Life is so much more than our hurt feelings. We are breathed into this world and offered a chance to love and receive love. There is still a rubble of bricks remaining from this weekend’s stoning of my spirit, but they landed around a beautiful garden and I saw that my favourite flowers were in bloom. So I went and cut some to adorn the dining table.

That little moment in the garden called me to grace; getting soaked by the rain which always soothes my soul, having the cat run up to me and purr at my feet as I lean over and clip off daffodils to form a bouquet.

It called me to look for all the ways that I am loved, and to seek to return that love.

Today, I am choosing to keep my gaze on love, and all the ways it manifests itself in my ordinary and simple life, because love is magic. It transforms and renews. It gives the heart a new pair of eyes. I am entrusting you, dear reader, to seek that same magic. Keep your heart open to love.


This is one of my favourite decor shops in Ottawa, situated at 1095 Somerset Street West. If you are in need of opulence and want your eyes to feast on something regal, this is the place to be. Fair warning: There are many MANY fragile trinkets and there isn’t much room to move in here. If you have small children, you’ll want to keep a close eye on them. I do strongly believe that if you can handle it, you SHOULD bring anyone and everyone here because it is beautiful and everyone needs beauty.








I crave more time in Your presence. I want more time to be still and to be filled with Your peace, so this morning I prayed for that exactly. I found myself wandering into the cathedral after work to receive Your word and the Word.

Only say the word, and my soul shall be healed.

I lingered on and let the storm inside my heart and mind calm down. I entrusted my worries, for myself and for those I love, to You. I can’t deal with it all, so here you go Father. I surrender.

You whispered in my heart: “Take the long way home”. So I stumbled and fumbled and fell into beauty; so much beauty. Thank you Lord. I needed those soft and sweet caresses from the evening breeze along the water. I needed that desolate park bench and those slow drifting clouds.

I found my favourite community piano at City Hall and sat down to say a prayer. My earliest and best prayers always were via those black and white keys. Three strangers stopped me. Three strangers were in desperate need of beauty. I know how that feels. I hope they were inspired to take the long way home.






I’m flying out to Vancouver on Tuesday. I’m trying to be organized and pack this weekend. I’m only bringing a carry on for the six days I’ll be there. My mother is a chronic over packer and often asks me to help her when she’s travelling. I thought I might do a mini travel series and show you how I try and organize myself when I am travelling. I figure my mother isn’t the only one who over packs 😉 Keep a look out for another travel post tomorrow!


This weekend I went out to the country to spend time with my parents. They’ve lived in their current home for 25 years. I never knew any other home until I moved out for university. To say I am attached to their house and the community is a vulgar understatement. My roots are here. When I feel lost, I have always been extremely blessed in being able to return home to people who know me and love me and find a place where the workd stops tuening so fast. That yummy ice cream for instance, was served to us desite the general store being closed on Saturday afternoon. My mom and I got a few extra scoops on the house and were allowed to loiter despite the owner closing down the store and riding off on his tractor. Yes, tractor. He only opened up briefly because he was delivering some corn to the store for Sunday’s post Mass brunch crowd. Things are simple and beautiful where I come from. imageAfter a beautiful visit to see a friend and her newborn daughter, I decided to enjoy the last bit of my time out in the country by eating an apple from my apple tree and swaying lazily in the hammock. It’s a good life. My parents planted an apple tree for me in the front yard when I was a little girl and every year my dad makes apple sauce from it.


Finally, I got back to the city, ready for the week of work ahead. I felt inspired and revamped my nightstand by layering an old tray on top and stacking some books and adding candles. I’m not sure if it’s the promise of autumn, but I have a strong urge to redecorate my entire apartment with warm rich hues, nixing my usual white and pastel shades. Here’s to a new week and a soon new season. What were you all up to this weekend?


My advice for dressing like a Parisienne: go for understated. French women are not flashy. They like to be chic, elegant, and blend in. They don’t blend in because they lack style; they blend in because what they wear does not offend. Having spent some time in Paris, I observed women wearing a lot of neutral and classic pieces. I find my wardrobe is far more chic if I cull it and keep it stream lined. I try to capsule my wardrobe to pieces that are timeless and stay away from trendy items.

I offer this advice light heartedly, as in high school I had purple hair, a faux hawk and was known to wear obnoxious neon outfits 😉 Ultimate fashion advice: have fun!


La Lune, qui est le caprice même, regarda par la fenêtre pendant que tu dormais dans ton berceau, et se dit : ” Cette enfant me plaît “.

Et elle descendit moelleusement son escalier de nuages et passa sans bruit à travers les vitres. Puis elle s’étendit sur toi avec la tendresse souple d’une mère, et elle déposa ses couleurs sur ta face. Tes prunelles en sont restées vertes, et tes joues extraordinairement pâles. C’est en contemplant cette visiteuse que tes yeux se sont si bizarrement agrandis, et elle t’a si tendrement serrée à la gorge que tu en as gardé pour toujours l’envie de pleurer.

Cependant, dans l’expression de sa joie, la Lune remplissait toute ta chambre comme une atmosphère phosphorique, comme un poison lumineux; et toute cette lumière vivante pensait et disait : ” Tu subiras éternellement l’influence de mon baiser. Tu seras belle à ma manière. Tu aimeras ce que j’aime et ce qui m’aime : l’eau, les nuages , le silence et la nuit; la mer immense et verte; l’eau informe et multiforme; le lieu où tu ne seras pas; l’amant que tu ne connaîtras pas ; les fleurs monstrueuses; les parfums qui font délirer; les chats qui se pâment sur les pianos et qui gémissent comme les femmes, d’une voix rauque et douce !

“Et tu seras aimée de mes amants, courtisée par mes courtisans. Tu seras la ruine des hommes aux yeux verts dont j’ai serré aussi la gorge dans mes caresses nocturnes; de ceux-là qui aiment la mer, la mer immense, tumultueuse et verte, l’eau informe et multiforme, le lieu où ils ne sont pas, la femme qu’ils ne connaissent pas, les fleurs sinistres qui ressemblent aux encensoirs d’une religion inconnue, les parfums qui troublent la volonté, et les animaux sauvages et voluptueux qui sont les emblèmes de leur folie.”
Et c’est pour cela, maudite chère enfant gâtée, que je suis maintenant couché à tes pieds, cherchant dans toute ta personne le reflet de la redoutable Divinité, de la fatidique marraine, de la nourrice empoisonneuse de tous les lunatiques.

Charles Baudelaire: “Petits poèmes en proses – Le spleen de Paris”

Blessed Is She

Have you checked out the devotionals over at Blessed Is She? I started reading them sometime in December. It’s the first thing I do now in the morning. Starting the day with His word and inspiring stories from other women has been such a gift. Go check it out!

looks like morning in your eyes

As a child I used to lay down in fields and watch the clouds go by and the sun never ceased to make me wonder. How could its rays be so powerful and beam through all the way down to me? I still feel that awe when I think of all the graces and mercy God has given me.