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    2020 + January bullet journal set up

    This is my sixth bullet journal. I must say it’s become more of an art journal hybrid bullet journal over the last few years. However, I’m still a strong believer that you can bullet journal with just a simple notebook and one pen. No need to be decorative if that’s not your jam. It’s primarily about productivity, but I’ve started using mine therapeutically. I’m not mad 😉 it brings me so much joy to create. Do you have a bullet journal? Do you use an agenda? How do you stay organized? I’m in awe of my husband and people who operate day to day without one. I’m lost without writing…

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    PLAN WITH ME | September 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

    This month is filled with doodles of leaves and Fall inspired pictures gathered from Pinterest. I love that the air here in Ottawa has gotten crisp and that I can wear cozy sweaters and drink heaps of tea to keep my hands warm. I went and bought my favourite candle, Autumn, at Bath and Body Works on August 31st. Since then it’s been burning and making me want to cozy up my entire apartment with candles and heaps of throws. How do you transition your home into Fall? I wanted to set up a weekly layout instead of just doing some rapid bullet entries this month. When I’m feeling anxious…

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    This weekend I felt as though bricks were being hurled at me. Many little melt downs occurred, and I was scared looking to the future, but you know what? I was thinking an awful lot about myself and what I was feeling. Life is so much more than our hurt feelings. We are breathed into this world and offered a chance to love and receive love. There is still a rubble of bricks remaining from this weekend’s stoning of my spirit, but they landed around a beautiful garden and I saw that my favourite flowers were in bloom. So I went and cut some to adorn the dining table. That…

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    This is one of my favourite decor shops in Ottawa, situated at 1095 Somerset Street West. If you are in need of opulence and want your eyes to feast on something regal, this is the place to be. Fair warning: There are many MANY fragile trinkets and there isn’t much room to move in here. If you have small children, you’ll want to keep a close eye on them. I do strongly believe that if you can handle it, you SHOULD bring anyone and everyone here because it is beautiful and everyone needs beauty.  

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    I crave more time in Your presence. I want more time to be still and to be filled with Your peace, so this morning I prayed for that exactly. I found myself wandering into the cathedral after work to receive Your word and the Word. Only say the word, and my soul shall be healed. I lingered on and let the storm inside my heart and mind calm down. I entrusted my worries, for myself and for those I love, to You. I can’t deal with it all, so here you go Father. I surrender. You whispered in my heart: “Take the long way home”. So I stumbled and fumbled…