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    When I first started blogging I had yet to discover that I would feel a need to share a lot of words online. The blog started as a place for me to curate my inspiration; pictures I thought were beautiful. My blog has taken a very different direction in the last couple of years, and I’m ok with that. I’ve discovered that my words can be a means to hand my story, hand my life to Christ, and that my words can weigh into someone’s day, sinking them into the reality of God’s love. Don’t be afraid to use your words. Don’t be afraid to witness the miracles He is…

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    A look at my Wednesday morning: cutest puppy husky on my walk to Mass; beautiful street art; cutest baby in the pew in front of me during Mass; Jesus; communion; hot chocolate and breakfast burrito, courtesy of my Beau. Something Josiah told me when I asked him what he was most looking forward to today: “This is it. My morning Mass date with you is the highlight”. I still struggle to accept love, but he teaches me each day the truth of my worth, and with every day, I grow closer to acknowledging my infinite dignity as a daughter of Christ. I hope you know how good you are and how so very loved…

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    This is one of my favourite decor shops in Ottawa, situated at 1095 Somerset Street West. If you are in need of opulence and want your eyes to feast on something regal, this is the place to be. Fair warning: There are many MANY fragile trinkets and there isn’t much room to move in here. If you have small children, you’ll want to keep a close eye on them. I do strongly believe that if you can handle it, you SHOULD bring anyone and everyone here because it is beautiful and everyone needs beauty.  

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    My life’s been a whirlwind of insanity, but in the midst of it I’ve had a lot of peace. I know I’m only staying above the surface of the tide thanks to the time I’ve been fighting to keep for silence, for meditation. This weekend I found some of that peace exploring the Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau Park. The pictures don’t do it justice. Some seasons are heavy in responsibility, but it always helps to remember that we have a choice to make it that: a season. If your life feels too crazy, you can keep the crazy up and drown or you can have a mini anxiety attack to…

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    The weather has been a bit gloomy here in Ottawa as we approach winter (gasp!), but my heart is anything but. This past weekend filled my heart’s love tank to the brim. Friday after work I went to what might be my favourite pub (because it’s always near empty and has a great fireplace, I just wish there were no TVs) and had coffee and tea, also known as kaffe und kutchen, with my Beau. We then shared a meal of sweet potato fries, pakoras, samosas and stuffed naans at my place before heading out to an evening of adoration accompanied by some worship songs. I really really didn’t feel…