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    I went to Montreal this weekend to find some beauty and peace; to rest. I found myself acknowledging that I am struggling in my faith. My intellect is convicted of God’s existence and the truth of the Church, but my heart resists God’s kingship. How do I bring my heart where my head is? I can’t seem to reconcile reason and faith. I’ve read the apologetics, I don’t need another written explanation of God’s infinite love. I need to encounter it. God’s love is an encounter – a relationship. As in every relationship, we need to invest time, and be vulnerable with the other, in order for it to grow…

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    It’s my experience that you really don’t need that much when travelling. In fact, you really don’t need that many material things in life. I lived in Germany for three months with two very full suitcases when I was fifteen and found that I only used a third of what I brought. Since then, I’ve taken a much more simple approach when it comes to packing. The best way for me to keep things simple is to plan out a capsule wardrobe. It may seem really overly thought out to plan an outfit for every single day, but it doesn’t take that much time. I promise 🙂 I drew up this…

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    I’m flying out to Vancouver on Tuesday. I’m trying to be organized and pack this weekend. I’m only bringing a carry on for the six days I’ll be there. My mother is a chronic over packer and often asks me to help her when she’s travelling. I thought I might do a mini travel series and show you how I try and organize myself when I am travelling. I figure my mother isn’t the only one who over packs 😉 Keep a look out for another travel post tomorrow!

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    a quick trip to Boston

    I haven’t been out of the country for the past six years. Blame it on a student budget. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have a weekend adventure with my best friend in Boston. Here are a few pictures from our trip. We stayed on the prettiest street, lined with trees and beautiful flowers. Looking like a tourist is my specialty. Also, MY LEGS ARE SO WHITE. Moving on… Most of Saturday was spent exploring Harvard in Cambridge. The scholar in me was drooling over all of the books. In another world I’d have been an impeccable university student and progressed to a PhD in Classics and would now…