When I first started blogging I had yet to discover that I would feel a need to share a lot of words online. The blog started as a place for me to curate my inspiration; pictures I thought were beautiful.

My blog has taken a very different direction in the last couple of years, and I’m ok with that.

I’ve discovered that my words can be a means to hand my story, hand my life to Christ, and that my words can weigh into someone’s day, sinking them into the reality of God’s love.

Don’t be afraid to use your words. Don’t be afraid to witness the miracles He is performing in your life (no matter how small they may seem). It’s called Good News for a reason.

This post is a bit of an hommage to the origins of my blogging days. I’m sharing a sweet little coffee shop, where the owner isn’t afraid to speak of grace, beauty, and goodness. She also sells flowers. It’s somewhere I find  beauty.

I’ve found myself fearful of writing in this space unless I had something I deemed deep and profound to share. Vanity, thy name is Pomeline. I don’t want to live a life of fear. I want to trust that this crazy platform God has placed into my hands can run wild, and free, in His image. Even if that simply looks like a coffee shop and a cup of tea. God, as extraordinary as He is, is found in the ordinary. He’s in your cup of tea.



You, sweet sister, are the crown of creation. You are beautiful. So much so, that after God created you, He stopped. Woman is the last of His creations. There is no other creation that surpasses us in beauty. Let that sink in

There is a vicious attack on women and we are being lied to about our beauty. We are constantly being told that we are not enough, well I’m here today to say ENOUGH. Enough with the lies, enough with the insecurities, enough with the gossip, enough with the comparison; ENOUGH.

Today, find a mirror and behold your beauty. Stop, look at yourself, and remind yourself that whatever you may be feeling about your beauty is temporal. The truth of your beauty is not rooted in how you feel, but in Him.

God has made you beautiful.

I know Proverbs 31 tells us beauty is vain, but I believe this verse is in reference to exterior beauty. The beauty that radiates from our souls, there’s nothing vain about that. It comes from God, and God is Beauty itself.

We no longer dare to believe in beauty and we make of it a mere appearance in order the more easily to dispose of it.
-Hans Urs von Balthasar

Don’t let this be you. Beauty is not just your appearance. Beauty comes from God making His dwelling place in You, through the Holy Spirit. Next time you think “I’m not beautiful”, stop and repent. You are insulting God who resides in you. You are beautiful, because you belong to Him.


I try to not hoard stuff. Try being the operative word. I’ve often seen some of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus show perfume collections and I’m left astounded at the sheer craziness of owning over 20-30 perfumes. How do you even remember what they all smell like? Now I know a lot of these women are in the beauty industry and are sent products to review/sample, but a big part of it is that these YouTubers are working on a supply/demand basis. We all want to collect treasures. We like to admire (and often compare and envy) the treasures of others. It’s a constant fight for me to not give in to the desire of making material possessions my treasures. I love beautiful things! This in itself isn’t inherently wrong. I don’t want to make you feel bad if you have a large amount of possessions and you are reading this. Everyone’s state in life is different. Sisters, let’s take a look at our possessions and ask ourselves if we really own them or if they have started to possess us. God wants us to enjoy beauty, as it directs our hearts towards Him. Some of my friends have asked me how I can walk into a store and leave empty handed without feeling frustrated or I’m missing out on something. It’s simple: I think of beauty in the frame of when I visit a museum. I go to an art gallery and I admire the beauty and let my soul be lifted, but I understand that trying to own and bring home all of the art pieces wouldn’t make me happy. Imagine the clutter and maintenance! If I am capable of having this approach at the museum, I am most certainly capable of transferring this mindset to all beautiful things. I can choose to collect simply what I truly desire/need/can afford and be grateful for all the beauty that surrounds me, without trying to possess it all. It all comes back to choosing what is utile dulci, usueful and agreeable.