It’s my experience that you really don’t need that much when travelling. In fact, you really don’t need that many material things in life. I lived in Germany for three months with two very full suitcases when I was fifteen and found that I only used a third of what I brought. Since then, I’ve taken a much more simple approach when it comes to packing. The best way for me to keep things simple is to plan out a capsule wardrobe. It may seem really overly thought out to plan an outfit for every single day, but it doesn’t take that much time. I promise 🙂

I drew up this little capsule this morning at my favourite coffee shop. I was done before I finished my Nutella hot chocolate; less than thirty minutes. I stress quite easily so being prepared and organized helps me calm down. I was listening to a podcast episode of Catholic Stuff You Should Know last night and Fr. O’Laughlin was talking about working hard/planning, but accepting that the outcome/result of your labour is out of your control. We can’t plan God’s will; we can only choose to submit ourselves to it.  I’m trying my best to be organized and prepared for what God wants to teach me on this trip, but ultimately, I just want to say serviam.


My advice for dressing like a Parisienne: go for understated. French women are not flashy. They like to be chic, elegant, and blend in. They don’t blend in because they lack style; they blend in because what they wear does not offend. Having spent some time in Paris, I observed women wearing a lot of neutral and classic pieces. I find my wardrobe is far more chic if I cull it and keep it stream lined. I try to capsule my wardrobe to pieces that are timeless and stay away from trendy items.

I offer this advice light heartedly, as in high school I had purple hair, a faux hawk and was known to wear obnoxious neon outfits 😉 Ultimate fashion advice: have fun!