So I’ve not been hyper active around here and wasn’t too sure how to get back into blogging. I’ve decided to simply give you all a little update on what’s been going on in my life:

  • My internet and physical dwelling places are starting to feel a little more like home. Books are sprawled a little bit everywhere and I just love that my apartment is finally feeling lived in. Also, the amazing Erica Tighe from Be a Heart has created a lovely logo for the blog. It’s just what I wanted for this space. Something pretty, but simple, and not frilly. I hope you all like the new logo and it makes you feel more welcomed than my previous dreadful ugly prototype font.
  • I’M ENGAGED. I’m really not good at lead ins. My English professor in high school used to tell me all the time, but GUYS, I’M SUPER ENGAGED. My heart is so full of joy. I’m not going to go into all of the details (that might be a later post, but I’m not sure how much I’m comfortable sharing/whether people want to read about it).


234That’s all I’ve got. I’m hoping to make more time for writing in my schedule. Thanks for sticking around those of you who read me. It’s really humbling to see sweet emails in my inbox from readers. You guys really are the best, just so you know. I don’t have a perfect blogging schedule, but I’ve got the most perfect internet friends who are patient and keep showing up. Thank you.


This weekend I went out to the country to spend time with my parents. They’ve lived in their current home for 25 years. I never knew any other home until I moved out for university. To say I am attached to their house and the community is a vulgar understatement. My roots are here. When I feel lost, I have always been extremely blessed in being able to return home to people who know me and love me and find a place where the workd stops tuening so fast. That yummy ice cream for instance, was served to us desite the general store being closed on Saturday afternoon. My mom and I got a few extra scoops on the house and were allowed to loiter despite the owner closing down the store and riding off on his tractor. Yes, tractor. He only opened up briefly because he was delivering some corn to the store for Sunday’s post Mass brunch crowd. Things are simple and beautiful where I come from. imageAfter a beautiful visit to see a friend and her newborn daughter, I decided to enjoy the last bit of my time out in the country by eating an apple from my apple tree and swaying lazily in the hammock. It’s a good life. My parents planted an apple tree for me in the front yard when I was a little girl and every year my dad makes apple sauce from it.


Finally, I got back to the city, ready for the week of work ahead. I felt inspired and revamped my nightstand by layering an old tray on top and stacking some books and adding candles. I’m not sure if it’s the promise of autumn, but I have a strong urge to redecorate my entire apartment with warm rich hues, nixing my usual white and pastel shades. Here’s to a new week and a soon new season. What were you all up to this weekend?


I struggle to get enough sleep. In the morning I justify extra time in bed with my actual need for more than 6 hours of sleep. At night, I justify putting off bed time with my interminable to-do list or simply numbing my mind with screen time.

I don’t know about you, but this kind of routine is really bleak and depressing to me. It lacks of purpose and beauty. Around the beginning of Lent this past year I started reflecting how my then unestablished morning and evening routines were affecting my spiritual life. I really wanted to start living out my heroic minute (the minute where you fight your flesh and jump out of bed in the morning or drop all and go to bed at night).

I knew sheer good will had not sufficed in the past to live this heroic minute well. I needed a plan. In came the morning and evening routine for me. I thought about what my ideal morning and evening looked like and worked around that. The mere act of writing it down has helped me tremendously in living it out. I fall short of it, but because I’ve established this plan and it’s not just a good intention, I follow through far more often now.

It’s still a daily battle, but I’ve been making lead way. I have so much more resolve and peace facing the upcoming day when I’ve lived out my heroic minute well. There are so many things we cannot control in life and that’s ok. Circumstances sometimes prevent me from living this plan out to a T, but the plan is still there for the next day, much like His grace.

Do you have a morning/evening routine? If you’re a momma, do you have one for your babes, but have forgotten the benefit of having one for yourself? My hope is that by working on this and growing in discipline in my current state of life, I’m loving my future family (God willing). I hope you all have a blessed week and that if you had a frazzled morning, take hope, you still have bed time to fight the heroic minute. I am keeping you in my prayers.

pretty in pink

This pink silk kimono is a gift from my sweet mother and I stole the straw hat from my gardening father. They’re both oh so pretty. I miss my parents terribly and have the kimono and hat hanging on my closet door in Ottawa. They don’t let me take many pictures of them, so it’s nice to have a visual reminder of some sort.


Two weekends ago I went to the tulip festival, one of Ottawa’s highlights. It did my soul so much good seeing all of those pretty flowers. It’s so easy to get caught up in your head with your own little thoughts. Nature is often the best remedy to self-interest!



dream room

 photo 122013_ALISONWESTLAKE_XMAS0752_zpsb25c05fd.jpg
I love everything about this sweet cozy room. I just want to hop on that bed with my feet on the pillows, a cup of tea on that bench at the end and a good book (I’m currently reading The Story of a Soul). I’m having some friends over in a bit for a reading party. Is that nerdy? We’re going to be reading Evangeli Gaudium out loud #Catholicnerds