As I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I find it’s often the smallest of things that brings us comfort. My friend Ariane looks so lovely and comfortable in this picture […]

New Year and New Graces

You can have a look at my New Year reflection for 2013 here. 2014: What a year. Crazy blessed is an understatement. I had 3 career advancements, totalling 4 different jobs […]

good times

A couple of Long Island Ice Teas tonight, celebrating a friend’s birhtday and now getting myself to bed so I can crawl into work tomorrow morning. Life is good. source: […]

cette fin de semaine

This weekend consisted of apple picking, long walks along the neighbour hood, ice cream shared with a good friend (not pictured, we ate them too quickly) and me sporting a […]

little flower

I just spent a lovely morning at my parish. We had a BBQ after mass and it was so nice to spend some time with my community and good friends/neighbours. […]


My friend sent me a text the other day asking me what I was up to. Before I had a chance to respond she asked: “Are you reading a book […]


“I would not like to live in a world without cathedrals. I need their beauty and grandeur. I need their imperious silence. I need it against the witless bellowing of […]

seeking refuge

Amidst all of this tragedy, it is important that we do not lose hope or faith. There is good in this world, but alas for this good to exist, there […]

losing grip

Afternoon tea time. Last night I had the most vivid dream. I was losing my teeth one by one and could do nothing to stop it. I struggle with feelings […]

da deus fortunae

  I could jump off the rooftop in joy right now. Latin exam is complete. I’ll be handing in my Ancient Greek translations on Friday and writing my final two […]

so much to do, so little time

Studying, studying, studying. Writing, research, lots of tea and enjoying freshly picked up apples from  the market. Maybe it’ll start raining. That would make it a perfect studying day.

just sitting here

  Sitting in bed, indulging in a huge pile of magazines (OK, and perhaps I’m reviewing some Ancient Greek and Latin vocabulary as well). Got two wisdom teeth pulled out […]

petits mouchoirs

Bruschetta, des asperges au four avec un filet d’huile d’olive et la traduction d’un menu décadent (un petit contrat) et mon nouvel emploi au Ministère de l’environnement : la vie […]

l’art de l’otium

  Handing in a terribly long essay on Sidoine Apollinaire and Pline le Jeune. I now want some hard liquor and a good detective novel to read to forget all […]

roaring twenties

J’ai toujours trouvé que Shae Acopian Detar était une source incroyable d’inspiration lorsque j’ai besoin d’un peu de magie dans mon univers. J’ai des boucles aujourd’hui qui me font pensées […]

et hop le printemps

Vivement les journées à faire la paresse au soleil aux terasses des cafés. Hier j’ai passé une magnifique journée à Montréal à faire du shopping et tout simplement profiter de […]

icing on my cake

Isn’t Constance Jablonski a stunner? I’m in my lounge wear all weekend, studying, writing papers and doing heaps of Ancient Greek translations. Life of a scholar! (ph fashionography)

Ottawa Fashion Week

I have to say, my Ottawa Fashion Week experience was tenfold better than the last. I’d like to thank Julie from Pop Champagne who so graciously invited me although we […]

black velvet

I’m enjoying the last week of having neon colours on my nails before I have to transition to muted fall colours. I must admit I’m looking forward to knits and […]

scary morning

I woke up this morning with a frizzy version of this. It’ll teach me to go to bed with my hair that wet… I’m about 95% moved into my Ottawa […]

docked at the port

It’s a wonderful rainy Sunday morning and I’ve just been reading for the past 3 hours. Everything is so beautiful and still on a Sunday morning. Here are 10 books […]

feeling nostalgic

I can’t wait to come back here one day (soon, hopefully). I remember sitting by the harbour as an old man drove by and stuck his tongue out at my […]

so where are we?

My mother gifted me with two beautiful Latin dictionaries from her latest trip. I love that Latin dictionaries can bring me so much joy. A nerd’s little pleasures 🙂

big bird

Wonderful get together last night. Some smores and laying in the hammock starring at the stars. Went to the country fair this morning. It’s a beautiful day… (ph: rue magazine)

on s’en fiche

Les soirées où on prélasse sur le balcon dans son maillot avec de la limonade fait maison… C’est pile ce que j’ai fait aujourd’hui. Journée de rêve!

take me home

Danced like a fool with some great pals last night and going on a day road trip with two of my friends later today. Summer’s off to a great start. […]

this pain is real

Ends up I have a dry socket. The dentist told me I should have come back to the office earlier due to the pain. Well hello, how am I supposed […]

a long time from now

Slowly emptying my room of all the stuff junk I have. I have over 300 books in my bedroom and I’m thinking since I’ve accumulated this many in 20 years, […]

petit clin d’oeil

Don’t remember where I found this, actually, don’t even remember saving this to my computer. I love browsing through my inspiration file every once in a while, especially when lovely […]

PPP Canada

Oh dear, I get to go into a budget lock-up today. No connection to the outside world for three or more hours. Good news is, my mom made it back […]

ottawa fashion week

So tonight I attended my very first fashion show. I have come to realize that I MUCH prefer swooning over pretty clothes in stores and blogs than to attend a […]

jeune demoiselle

Wish I were wearing this right now! My mom sent me a sweet email from Venice, hopefully I get some goodies from Italy or France when she returns on Monday! […]

acta non verba

My apartment was listed Tuesday and gone yesterday. Here I was stressing that it would take weeks, if not MONTHS for it to fly away. I underestimated the value of […]

he’s like candy corn

My new animal companion. I can pet them without them making me sneeze. Why didn’t I think of this before? The only thing they can’t do is purr (yes, I’m […]

heaven can wait

Parliament is back in works, the boss is back and so no more sneaking into the office in crazy outfits. It was a blazer and pencil skirt for me today… […]

has your band began to rust?

I’m going to be attempting this for brunch tomorrow. It looks phenomenal. I love smoked salmon so much, miam. I’m bummed à l’instant because I’ve misplaced my Derek Lam sunglasses […]


I long to recreate days that were as great as those where these pictures were taken. I’ve been thinking about moving (again!) and a wise friend gave me sound advice […]

dancing star

I’m starting up dancing after a long one year break. After 16 years of dancing I really needed a mental break from the dance world. I’m terrified, but can’t wait […]

not as thirsty as before

My friend Ariane at thosequietnights.blogspot.com needed a model a few weeks ago and I was glad to be the lab rat she required. Here is one of the pictures from […]

shadow at my window

It’s getting cooler and cooler and I wish pretty flowers like these were still around. This week has been insane. I started a job. I didn’t think I would work […]

je me souviens

Nothing quite like a good little day trip to ease the mind and settle the restless heart. It was so nice to just wander streets far from home. (ph personal)


I keep rearranging furniture in my room, can’t seem to get the “flow” right. I have a midterm tonight and two on Wednesday. I can’t wait for reading week so […]

hand full

True story: Today I had a good little cry (over some silly thing) and then quickly pulled myself together so I wouldn’t be late for my Italian lecture. That professor […]

le petit déjeuner

“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” (Proverbs 31: 25)Starting the day off with prayer grounds me and helps me keep focused on […]

souvenirs du Caire

I’m not exactly loving this rain. It was so beautiful yesterday. I had my Italian class in the morning then grabbed coffee with a friend and strolled around the market. […]

chamo-me a bailarina

outfit details: dress shirt, Ralph Lauren “Blake”; dress, H&M; belt, thriftedFirst outfit post. I know, my camera resolution is not perfect, I’m not model, yada yada yada. Some blogs out […]

tetris time

I’m goofing around with photography by the way, but I think I’d like to invest in a good camera. Any suggestions? (ph: personal)

tell me more

Considering my entire wardrobe was filled with black last year, I’m pretty amazed to look at it now and see how much colour has been incorporated. Don’t worry, I still […]

tired of being a superhero

New fall pieces plus my favourite sunglasses. You can’t really tell in the picture, but when they’re on they slightly turn up in a cat glasses kind of way, which […]

i’m your biggest fan

So Friday evening I went out for some great food with some great friends and then did the most intense session of Bikram Yoga (damn you hot room, damn you!). […]

pretos velhos

Oh Julie Newmar, quel canon de beauté! I’ve been in bed drinking tea and permanently napping. I didn’t end up going to the vernissage last night as I’m feeling like […]


Going to a vernissage tomorrow night in the market. It’s nice to be back in the city for stuff like this. (ph the selby and weheartit)

i promise

Aujourd’hui I am making an apple pie (hopefully) and lounging around reading Fernando Pessoa and perhaps doing a bit of Italian homework. (ph marie claire 2009)

fishy business

Je viens tout juste de rencontrer mon voisin, c’est un professeur de musique. Il est trop sympa! Je trouve ça bien de connaître ses voisins, même lorsqu’on habite en ville. […]

class act

Official moving day. All my furniture is already set up in the city along with my kitchen things, so basically I’m just moving clothes…and I have a van full of […]

le chalet

Spent the week reading and writing. It was rather wonderful, but now it’s back to reality (school). Although I must admit my course load is amazing. My room in the […]

hello dolly

Gone to the cottage. Be back sometime to resume my responsibilities (school and all that fun stuff). Ciao! xo (ph ?)

dust bowl dance

I’m so hooked on Mumford & Sons right now. I’m going to see Down With Webster with some friends in September. The venue where they’ll be playing holds less than […]


I watched The Virgin Suicides and am about to make a decadent chocolate cake. I might head over to the fair tomorrow and ride the ferris wheel, if not I’ll […]

ces soirées là

I’m going to see Coco Chanel et Igor Stravinsky this afternoon. I wonder how it will compare to Coco avant Chanel. Last night I primed the fridge and this morning […]

she’s a lady

These are stunning. Last night was slightly wild, I was glad to get home when I did to wash all the beer out of my hair! Tonight I’m just enjoying […]

mother goose

A little reflection of last weekend, looking forward to this one! Don’t mind the mess in the background that is my room, just concentrate on the beauty of that wretched […]

bring me your love

Enjoyed Dallas Green in the rain, what a lovely evening. He stopped mid song because a girl fainted and talked until she woke back up so she wouldn’t miss any […]

teddy grahams

Picked up some lavender after work and chatted with my brother on the phone. It was a nice evening, now I need to go to bed because I clearly don’t […]

i need a dollar

Just made some spinach zucchini lasagna with a béchamel sauce with my mother. Cooking is such a great bonding experience, I love it! (ph Carter Smith)

for those employed

Check out the Mad Hatter, what is he doing?!p.s. The lovely Meg and Katie from Meggasus Peggasus and Katie Lu have featured me on their blog, so sweet. Thanks girls! […]

nothing on you babe

My latest crush! Rappers who aren’t misogynist and crude (and actually have a great musical background) are refreshing and don’t often make it onto the radio, hip hip hourrah for […]

away we go

I was a little cochon for breakfast. An almond croissant doesn’t suffice, I have to dribble chocolate all over it of course! (ph personal)

i’m canceling our date

Raised in a wild spaceBetween two heartsWith the vines climb trees towards the lightRunning naked, dragging a kiteOr your dress on a string-Emiliana Torrini (ph beautiful things to share)

daliah, je t’aime

You are the ray of lightWhen the sun seems to hide;You are the star of mightWhen the sky has shut before my eyes.You are the tree of lifeWhen the vineyard […]

Worked hard all week and I plan to play even harder this weekend. Gosh, I really am a Canadian… On an other note, I got a pedi today and went […]

a husky whisper

My coq au vin is in the oven, the table is set on the balcony, all that is left to do is hang the chinese lanterns and finish the strawberry […]

paris dilemma

Dressing all cutesey when its some 40 degrees Celsius and you’re melting is kind of darn near impossible. I wish I could just frolic around in my undergarments like this […]

secret garden

Spent the morning basking in the sun, melting my sunscreen away in some lovely fairytale garden. Going to take a nap before I hit up a party with some friends. […]

on the watch

Mudded and sanded all day at the new place. I want to make it mine, so I’m taking my time (and by taking my time I mean I won’t move […]

up those stairs

Oh yeah, I have floating tea bags in my bedroom too…not. Grabbing lunch with some friends and then doing some shopping, hope everyone has a lovely day.xo (ph flickr)

go do

Trying to sort out my boxes from moving and to get my room a place where I can actually spend time again. Don’t get me wrong, I adore traveling, but […]

find a place within

Today I’m putting on a pretty flowing dress, playing piano, eating homemade raspberry ice cream and pretending to be Clara Schumann. (ph inconnue)

he opens a window

Went shopping with my friend Eric today, he’s working in Paris for the next four months and wanted some “artsy” clothes (these are his exact words) to fit in his […]

philippe de macédoine

I’m such an insomniac, had four hours of sleep and I’m still freaking hyper when I wake up? I don’t understand it, but I’m not complaining! (ph nerdynotdirty)


Studying, studying, studying + discussing (arguing) with my philosophy teacher why my grade isn’t any higher; YES, I think my point of view is valid and NO you cannot give […]

wrap it up

This is what happens when I get hungry. *Goes to fridge, sees wrap. Thinks hmm, yumm. Puts cucumbers, hummus, portuguese chicken, onions and 6 year old cheddar on it.* Yup, […]


I love when artists come out with vinyls and are so kind as to include a digital copy! My ipod’s a little more convenient to lug around than a turn […]

my soul is weary

Notice a pattern? Is it the same living room painted and with new furniture? I’m confused (I have a simple mind which is easily frazzled). I’m visiting my parents this […]


The Selby inspired? A little glimpse into my world, not that it is of much intrigue. (ph: personal)

walking with Satie

RIP Malcom McLaren. One of the greatest artists, I have so much admiration for him. His music marked my childhood. He made me dream, dream of blue, dream of Paris, […]

seriously siri

I’m finally reading Donna Tart’s The Secret History (the title is so much more alluring in French; Le maître des illusions). It’s so good, so sorry if I don’t post […]

i am a fool

Downside of being German and having the best liver in town? You do end up doing stupid stuff, even if you hold your liquor like a champ. You just wake […]

our endless numbered days

Couscous and garlic bread, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Wrote the most gosh darn awful Latin test this morning, but I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day. My last post must have […]

monsieur militaire

You know those nights where your best friend is in town and you two go out for an Indian food feast, stay up until the wee hours sipping on tea, […]

like dylan in the movies

I really try to avoid things that are “trendy”, but I’ve been craving some feather headpiece for two years now, maybe it’s time I give in… Feathers on your head […]

castle of sand

When I was 15 and living like a hermit in Germany, I went through a huge mellow music phase (we’re talking Jack Johnson, Belle&Sebastien and all that jazz). One of […]

his voice in the quiet

I love the aesthetic in this. I remember when I was 15 and bought my first Chanel lipstick in Paris at the Sephora in the Louvres. I’d do anything to […]

l’amour du hasard

Had such a lovely weekend. I had some good friends from home come and visit me and we went out to boogy until the wee hours, it was excellent. The […]

para donde vas?

Motha’ nature, keep that sun a comin’! (Having frat boys as friends really does not help in having a refined vocabulary…) I hope every lass and lassie enjoys this lovely […]

le droit au bovarysme

Tavi wrote about this not long ago and I have to admit, I love this Comme des Garçons add. If I wasn’t such a computer fool, I’d of figured out […]


I’m on a boat*****! Sorry, letting my inner frat boy come out, gross. I’m off to make cinnamon rolls. Lazy Sundays are the best, was in bed until now, reading,*sigh*. […]

rededo roma

what are you guys listening to right now?this is what i grooved to this morning: Upgrade U – BeyoncéA Million Ways – OK GoPursuit of Happiness – Kid CudiOn Love, […]

the story of escape

These books mean the world to me. They’re the first I ever read and I re-read one or two every year since I devoured the collection at 7. These are […]


Last night was so brutal although well deserved. Drinking in chalet + hitting up the double diamond slopes after wards = FAIL. I’ve got myself some sexy bruises today, going […]

morning has broken

Don’t know what I like best, the staircase or the outfit. They’re both amazing. I spent the afternoon playing piano and then went to the library to rent some books […]

free state of saxony

I fly out in 82 days, 82 days! Oh gosh, how does one pack for a year? I’m usually a stellar packer, but I’ve never packed for more than 3 […]

harsh wilderness

I really am not a meat eater, you could say I’m basically a veggie, but today, I’m having fillet mignon and cupcakes. It is a day of celebration that will […]

la petite fadette

It’s not set in stone, but travel plans are brewing my lovelies. I’m looking here at a year of frolicking abroad, cross your fingers! I’m praying this follows through (the […]

Une maison aux abords

I’m adoring the yellow dress she is wearing. I got some new boots and a cute African tribe print tank today while I was originally out to just buy a […]

los abrazos rotos

Broken embraces is a wonderful movie, I saw it about a month ago and recommend it to anyone who appreciates beauty. I really should be doing homework right now instead […]

special delivery

Girl night! Nancy Drew video game, Grease dance/sing alongs, chocolate cake and some good old rum to satisfy our pirate side. Happy weekend to all. (ph: not too sure)

le bon roi dagobert

I hate hand sowing with leather, takes up far too much of my precious time (which would be used to dance around like a prat in my bedroom instead). (ph: […]


I finally opened my Worn and am in love with the glossary of collars and the Nancy Drew photo shoot, what a lovely Tuesday night. (ph: worn)

african queen

Going to buy some skis, can’t wait to hit the slopes with them! Skiing makes having 6 months of winter not such a bad thing after all. (ph: vogue)

pulchra puella

it’s snowing, it’s snowing! chocolate chip banana bread with cinnamon just came out the oven. school isn’t looking so bad right now… (ph: deutschland vogue)

escarpins lacés en cuir

this just might be one of my favourite issuses from Jalouse everit just might be because I purchased it in Paris last yearI dream of going back to Paris soonperhaps […]

lance moi le ballon

who ever said fashion and sports couldn’t combine?here’s to all you insecure boys who feel the need to bring me down because i’m a better athlete then you areno, i’m […]

and then there were none

– fighting off a headache– anxious for Friday– trying to resuscitate my basil plant– loving Jane Austen’s capacity to make me dream and forget (ph: mimifroufrou)